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Relocation Information

So you would like to move to Madison? Let me help you find your way home. I available day or night to assist your search for a home in Madison and surrounding Dane County. I can also provide information about the area. There is much to see and do here that would make you want to live here forever. Madison has excellent schools, neighborhood associations, and great entertainment. Farmers' Markets and Art Galleries abound in the area. We also have good literary outlets. Give me a call today, my cell phone number is 1-608-219-8014, and I can help you relocate to Madison.

What's so special about Madison? Well, the Isthmus (Madison's alternative weekly newspaper) proposed nine reasons why Madison is special and unique (by David Mollenhoff):
  • Political
    "Madisonians learned to think politically, to attune their ears to political nuance. They participated in and sometimes spearheaded the great debates that coursed through the statehouse."
  • Beauty-conscious
    "On walks through town, I still marvel that Madison has managed to remain so beautiful for so long. I credit this powerful, historically grounded appreciation of beauty."
  • Brainy
    "We have one of the highest concentrations of people with college and advanced degrees. That Madison, a city of just 217,000, has nearly 40 bookstores including four superstores...surely confirms our bibliophilia."
  • Multitalented
    "In the last 10 years, Madison has garnered top national ranking in dozens of categires: the best small city, the best city for quality of life, the best place for bicycling, the best place for business and careers, and on and on. I rest my case."
  • Exemplary
    "Today, we have earnest discussions about trolleys and high-speed rail and how they will deliver us from urban sprawl, Beltline crawl and ranch houses all in a row."
  • Visionary
    "If ever a city required big, resolute visions to reach its lofty potential and nourish its soul, it is Madison, Wisconsin. The proof is in the implementation. Show me a city where so many big dreams became reality."
  • Contrary
    "Simply put, Madison's professional community liked the city the way it was: clean, quiet, cerebral, touristy and small."
  • Civically active
    "...the number of organizations here nearly equals the number of people. And that does not include the city's 120 neighborhood associations, surely a record for a city our size."
  • Progressive
    "In fact, one can argue that Wisconsin's progressivism was invented in Madison."

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